Meeting the ASL Demands of the Corporate World

Our highly qualified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and translators have many years of experience working with employers, employees, customers, and clients in the corporate setting. Whether it involves translating corporate policies into ASL or interpreting on major conference calls, our goal is to facilitate productive, accurate communication throughout your business.


Our team has many years of experience when it comes to translating corporate documents and policies into ASL. Whether it is an employee handbook or a company policy, we can create accurate, accessible ASL translations of these documents, which are recorded in video format.

This can be a complex process, because American Sign Language is its own unique language—completely independent from English. And translating from written English into signed ASL is not a simple task. At Dovetail, we produce our ASL translations through a multi-step process involving a team of ASL translators and interpreters as well as an ASL-fluent video production team. The process includes multiple stages of review, including a final stage where the finished ASL video is translated back to written English by a separate ASL translator.

At the end of this multi-step process, you will have ASL translations of your corporate documents that are guaranteed accurate and fully accessible to any of your employees who use ASL.

Photo of hands opening a corporate handbook
Photo of many corporate employees at a corporate meeting around a long table in a boardroom.


For conference calls that include Deaf or hard-of-hearing participants, bringing in our qualified, experienced ASL interpreters can make a huge difference for the communication experience of everyone involved.

Interpreting on conference calls with numerous participants requires a high degree of skill and experience.

And calls with multiple Deaf or hard of hearing participants can be even more challenging, because they require close coordination between different interpreters. Using inexperienced or unskilled ASL interpreters for this type of work will likely lead to poor communication and a frustrating experience for everyone.

All of our interpreters are carefully vetted for their certification level, skills, and experience. At Dovetail, 66% of our interpreters have earned either a BEI Advanced, BEI Master, or RID National Certification. These certifications represent some of the highest levels of professional mastery as an ASL interpreter—and we take great pride in having cultivated a team of interpreters with this industry-leading level of certification!

Are companies required to provide an ASL Interpreter?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that businesses and nonprofit organizations that serve the public are required to ensure effective communication with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This includes customers, clients, employees, and job applicants. When interacting with individuals who primarily communicate using American Sign Language, the best way to ensure effective communication is to provide a qualified, experienced ASL interpreter.

Enroll a team of qualified, experienced ASL professionals to help you ensure productive and accurate communication across your organization!

Specific corporate ASL translation & interpreting services we provide:

ASL translation for corporate documents
ASL translation for corporate policies
ASL interpreting for conference calls
ASL interpreting for corporate meetings
ASL translation for company policies
ASL translation for accessible information